Raised Access Floors

Casa Walls & Floors LLC supplies branded and top quality raised access floors from world’s renowned brand Casa Contract Group and from CbM.

Why our Access Floor System?

The Brand - Casa Contract Group Access Floors, one of the world’s most powerful and fastest growing brands, is now receiving praise from customers as a top global brand in Access Floors. We will work together to achieve your highest satisfaction.

Sustainability  – CW&F can play a vital role in improving the sustainability of a building. Energy savings are be realized through the use of a low pressure underfloor plenum which uses natural convection to cool only the occupied space

High Performance - Access floors offer a completely flexible and adaptive method for service distribution so your facility can react quickly to new technologies or organizational changes with minimal down time and disruption to the occupants.

Control Costs -  Our access floors have been designed to control costs through durability and long-term service, adaptability to future expansion and change, along with easy, low-cost maintenance requirements. Additional cost savings are realized through easy installation and accelerated depreciation

Our Access Floors Brands

Casa Contract GroupCasa Contract Group

Casa Contract GroupCbM Access Floors System